5 Places You Have To Visit In Singapore | Family Friendly!

August 12, 2018

So as many of you know by now it has been a minute since I visited Singapore, I miss it more and more every single day. It is by far the most beautiful place ever! I was over there for 3 days and surprisingly I got to see more than I thought I would have. I am planning on going back at the end of the year to revisit places and see things I didn't get chance to see. However, I put together a list of 5 things I managed to do/see in the short time I was there, honestly, all of these things are a must! The places I managed to see are also all family friendly so for any parents that want a relaxing holiday, where you can travel and have fun with the kids, here is definitely somewhere you can do that.

1. Gardens by The Bay

This is honestly the one place you have to go when visiting Singapore, this place is magnificent! Stunning botanical trees stand tall covered in greenery and flowers. If you walk across the bridge you get breathtaking panoramic views of the Marina Bay hotel and the city one side, then trees, forestry and the sea the other. It's a true vision that you cannot afford to miss out on! Also if you're lucky enough to be here in the evening the trees put on a beautiful light show, unfortunately for us, we just missed it which I was truly gutted about. They also had loads of activities for kids which I was amazed by, this isn't a place that most kids would enjoy without the fun so it was nice to see how they made it possible for families to enjoy these amazing views.

2. Cloud Forrest

I put the Cloud Forrest as number 2 because it's literally surrounded by Gardens by the Bay so you can really kill two birds with one stone here, or even three if you wanted to visit the Flower Dome also. Cloud Forrest is a huge greenhouse that showcases all sorts of funky and unusual plants, as well as an amazing waterfall directly as you enter! Its purpose is to capture all kinds of plants at different mountain altitudes, so the higher up you go the plants change and need completely different things. They also have a mini exhibition about global warming and all different things that affect our planet, it teaches you all about the things we can do to help/prevent this and shows you what will happen if our world carries on the way it is, it's honestly amazing and a great learning experience! I also have to mention this is also somewhere you want to enter just to escape the heat, because Singapore is hot and humid, and if you go stand by that waterfall you will never want to move. 

3. Universal Studios

These next 3 are all perfect if Singapore is your family holiday of choice, or if you're just wanting to unleash your inner child. The first being Universal Studios, now unless you have been living under a rock your entire life then I'm guessing you know what this place is. It's the perfect place to let your childhood adventure dreams come true, with lots of themed rides and attractions, but be sure to take the whole day as wait times can be horrendous as expected at somewhere like this. Unfortunately for us, we went on a stormy day so all of the rides got closed, we politely spoke to the front desk and they were kind enough to give us complimentary tickets to the Sea Life aquarium instead which was still nice. We didn't take too many photos due to the weather being on and off but here are a few we managed to snap.

4. Adventure Cove Waterpark

Now I don't know about you but is there genuinely anything more fun than a water park on a 35-degree day? Probably not right. We decided to take a trip to Adventure Cove before our flight home as we had a whole day to spare before we had to head to the airport. We didn't really want to lug all of our bags around all day. I hadn't been to a water park in legitimately years so I honestly had the time of my life. They have so many good water slides, one of which goes so fast you feel like you're on a rollercoaster but then they also have a huge lazy river! The lazy river was great because about a third of the way through you go through a ray bay, and all the rays swim up to the glass and try and follow you around it was actually the cutest (I now want a pet ray so bad how are they so adorable). You can also go snorkelling in a coral reef they have, this was such a fun experience even if I did freak out in fear of fish touching my toes and that I didn't know how to use a snorkel. I must've swum around it so fast but I then got to sit back and amusingly watch Kurt struggle to swim to the end for about 10 minutes. You can also swim with dolphins, sharks and in the ray bay if you pay extra for passes to do so. Obviously, because it's a water park I unfortunately didn't manage to get any photos but if you search this place up you can see how fun it looks!

5. Night Safari

The night safari is actually something I've never seen anywhere before, it's a safari park/zoo that is open throughout the night (as well as the day). You have a guided safari tour around to see all the nocturnal animals and different wild animals at night. When you first get there they have this amazing show of fire breathers and dancers whilst you waited for it to begin. This was genuinely an incredible experience because some of the animals come so close to the car. They also give you facts about each animal as you stop by them about their lifespan, diets, characteristics, where they are on the endangered scale and what humans can do to help stop extinction. Once the safari tour is over you can walk around and try not to get lost around all the walking trails, we must've walked around in circles a few times but it's all part of the fun! This is open till late if I remember correctly I'm pretty sure it finished at around 12:30pm, you will most probably have to get a taxi back to your hotel but its so easy and cheap to do so.

As we only spent 3 days in Singapore we didn't manage to see everything we wanted too, I still want to see the Botanical Gardens, explore little India and China town and theres so much more I didn't get to see. This place it's by far the most beautiful place I've ever been and I cannot wait to go back. I truly would recommend this place to anyone, it's the perfect place to go if you want to mix travel, culture, fun and a relaxing holiday all into one trip. 

Courts x

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Missguided Sale Favourites

July 17, 2018

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely live for sale items! Missguided always has sale items but they currently have a few little gems on there that are down in price by as low as 75%! I've been sifting through the whole of their sale pages and have pulled out a small list of things that caught my eye! I will also leave the links to everything I mention down below so that you can easily find the things I mention if you decide you need them in your life.

The first thing that stood out to me is something that I wouldn't usually go for I'm slowly trying to reach out towards different styles. It's a grey cropped sweatshirt with 'Cali' wrote on the front, first off its grey which I usually stray far away from and second off many of you know how I feel about clothing items that aren't plain. I don't know what it is about this one, but I kinda need it. I just think it'd look really good with some black jeans and trainers just for a nice casual every day, just need to pop to Tesco kinda look.

I actually really like how they styled the model in this too, biker shorts are so in right now and sunglasses just make any outfit look 10x better in my opinion. I just wish I could pull these shorts off but unfortunately, I'm too short and I have muscly legs so I'd literally look like a small man. This sweatshirt is now £12 reduced from £20.

If you know me you will know how much I love culottes, they're just the comfiest trousers anyone could ask for. 100% a staple wardrobe item in my eyes, every girl should own at least one pair of these because literally, anyone can pull them off! Now you're probably gonna see these and think, "Court, literally a week ago you were saying you look like a child in stripes" but I was generally referring to horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes, however, are something I need to try out, so these are enticing me. 

Vertical stripes are also very flattering because they make you appear slimmer as well as taller. Hence why this is something I need to try out and get on board with, because I'm so tired of being barely 5ft 2, you guys! These are also £12 and were reduced from £22.

Next, I found my holy grail. Oh, my god, this is the most beautiful skirt I ever laid eyes on, I actually added this straight to my basket and almost cried. I'm not even going to be able to wear this item until I'm back in the UK (in December) but I will wait that long for something this perfect. I have wanted a skirt like this for the longest time, I've seen some but they have never been perfect, and I needed this to be perfect.

I just love the length, the side buckle belt and the colour is just the perfect yellow. This is exactly the skirt I imagined I wanted so I'm so chuffed this is going to be mine (in 5 months, shed a tear for my long wait). Damn right I'm still going to wear this in winter, pair this with some tights, a leather jacket and some Dr Martens boots and you got yourself a look. This skirt was £17 reduced from £25, let's be honest though even if it was £50 I probably still would've convinced myself to buy it.

I also wanted a simple crop that I could pair with that skirt and any other bottom half clothing item. I found this super simple cute plain black bralet. This probably another staple item every girl should have in their wardrobe as it can be dressed up, down and worn in so many different ways.

Again I wanted this purely because I think it'd look bomb with that yellow skirt, but also it'll look great to wear casually with some boyfriend jeans or even high waisted leggings. At a dirt cheap price of £3 from £10, I couldn't say no to this.

Back to the sweatshirts we go, obviously as I mentioned earlier I won't be getting any of this stuff until winter so why not stock up on some warmer clothing items early? I found this grey raw hemmed sweatshirt and I just thought it was so nice and simple and I need it basically.

I decided that I loved this grey sweatshirt so much that I was going to grab it in another colour so I also got the orange one as it was also on sale!

The grey sweatshirt was originally £10 is now only £4, *ahem* did I hear someone shout bargain? Even £10 is a really good price for a sweatshirt. The orange was a tiny bit more 'expensive', only by £2 though as it is £6 reduced from £15.

I then decided I need a new little black dress because what girl doesn't need a new LBD every once in a while. I haven't actually brought a nice dress in what feels like years so this one I was like ok let's just treat myself.

I really like how flattering the neckline is on this dress, it doesn't dip down too low but is also cheeky enough to let a little bit of boob show, I also think the straps make take this dress to a different level just small details like that can really change the way a dress looks. This was £7 reduced from £10 and again I liked this so much I wanted it in another colour.

I have wanted a red dress for a long time, but I've never found the one that I needed. I'm very fussy when it comes to coloured clothes so I need them to be flattering and perfect. I really like the style of this dress and I do like red on my sometimes so this one is really going to be a test but it was £3 from £12 so even if it looks terrible, it's not a massive stab to the bank account!

To be honest with you guys I was actually expecting to find a whole lot more in this sale, but I just found myself searching forever to find items that really got my attention. It's most probably because they are sale items which are obviously things they are trying to get rid of. I could probably spend thousands on their website if I was going to go for full priced things, but everyone loves a sale steal! I think I still found a good amount of things I want though so I'm not mad about it. I didn't actually buy everything listed in this post, only a few things I opted against because I won't be able to wear them for a while, I was behaving (give me a medal) and only ordered those things that I knew I probably couldn't find again. 

Here's a lil link list of everything I mentioned in case you wanna grab some of them yourself!

Grey Cali Graphic Cropped Sweatshirt
Grey Stripe Culotte
Madison Beer x Missguided Yellow Check Mini Skirt
Black Slinky Strappy Bralet
Grey Raw Hem Cropped Sweatshirt
Orange Raw Hem Cropped Sweatshirt
Black Strap Detail Bodycon Mini Dress
Red Strap Detail Bodycon Mini Dress

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Court x

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