A Little Trip To South Korea

March 20, 2018

Hey guys, so I'm back here again with the blogging. I really went downhill last time so instead of just picking up from where I left on my last blog, I just thought f*** it I'm gonna start all over again. So me and Kurt just got back from a lovely long weekend in Seoul so I thought I'd write a nice first blog post about what we got up too and showcase some photos of the beautiful city that it is!

As most of you all know by now I'm currently over in China for the year, so every 3 months we have to leave the country and come back because of the type of visa we are on. Which is kinda sweet because it means that we get to explore another country whilst we're over here and for our first trip we decided to go to South Korea.

I wasn't really expecting much if I'm honest as I was just looking forward to a lil break from freezing cold Beijing. But boy was I wrong, I absolutely loved the place and it was so difficult to come back. We stayed smack bang in the centre by City Hall which was fun and vibrant because there were a few protests going on. I think it was either something to do with the Olympics (as we were there for the end of it) or everything else thats going on throughout the whole of Korea right now but I'm not 100% sure however it was pretty interesting to see even and hear if we didn't have a clue what they were saying...

So for the first day we decided to have a nap as our early morning flight tired us out to the max. Then once we woke up we thought we would go grab some food and then have a nice chilled night in the hotel room but seeing as we napped for way longer than expected due to only have 2 hours sleep we went out a hell of a lot later. Now me being a veggie makes life in China very hard to eat so we expected to Korea to be the same, but it was much better in terms of some veggie options as opposed to 0 like in Beijing. So the first night we found a pretty snazzy lil place that did chicken wings, pizza and topped chips and lord it was yummy. Kurt's chicken wing portion size was hilarious as it could've fed the 5000, so he decided to take it back to the hotel which then resulted in it stinking the whole room out for the whole holiday because they were spicing up the place.

Day 2 was spent exploring the city, it's great because everything was within walking distance, you can get the subway if you want as its all in english. But the costs of the subway were very confusing because their currency (won) is very large as it's in 1000's not 1's like most places. I mean 1000 piece coins is the strangest thing I ever did see. Anyways we explored through all of the local markets and of course me being me walking into every makeup store along the way, I was absolutely buzzing when I came across a boots which had an Urban Decay store so I immediately grabbed the All Nighter concealer to try out... queue blog review on that.

On our last day we explored a little bit more during the whole day with us going to Lotte Mart, Mount Namsan and some great food places. Lotte Mart is a huge department store where you can get your tax back on any of your favourite Korean snacks, obviously snapping up some amazing Oreo O's cereal. After many hours we decided to take a wonder around some of the other markets and clothes stores. We giggled at all the fake branded clothes along the way, seeing all these fake Supreme baby tracksuits and my god they were hilariously adorable. 

Once evening hit we decided to take a trip up Mount Namsan to see the Seoul Tower, we got the cable car up because to hell we were walking up it. We would've missed everything, it would've closed and more importantly I am really not good with stairs. However when we arrived up there the views were spectacular. You could see the a panoramic view of the entire city and the whole surroundings at the top were covered in glow in the dark love locks that couples had wrote their names on. There were also restaurants and cafe's at the top of the mountain with us once again having the nicest topped chips ever and nachos in a little burger place.

We actually decided to walk down the mountain at the end and yes my tiny legs and knees were in agony due to the endless amounts of stairs. By the time we got to the bottom we we're still pretty peckish after the long ol treck and decided to quickly catch the end of the markets and grab some street food. We had these tornado fried potato swirls which were rolled in this odd cheese powder and to be honest with you guys they were pretty rank, but it's all an experience y'know. To top the end of a beautiful night we found a cute little cat cafe which was open so we went and treated ourselves to see the fur babies and have a hot chocolate.

That pretty much rounds off our entire trip in Seoul to be honest, we did manage to squeeze in a sneaky little trip to the Trick Eye Museum just before we head off to the airport so I will leave you here with some hilarious photos from that. Hope y'all enjoyed a lil read and view of what we got up to on our first lil visa run and hopefully you'll check out my next post✌🏻

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