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July 10, 2018

"I really need some new clothes" - me every single morning.

I literally wake up every day and moan about not having any clothes, so I just brought a crapload more! You guys don't even understand when I tell you china is C-H-E-A-P! So over here there's a website called Baopals and it's basically like the Chinese version of Amazon/eBay combined, you can literally buy anything from this place so I thought I'd test out the clothes section...

The first thing that I came across was this yellow t-shirt and let me tell you, I died inside because this t-shirt is a little bit of me. Yellow is my colour right now so this just screamed my name! I never normally wear colour so those of you who know me will see this post and be proud of all the colour I bought. Now I really love this t-shirt. It was a little bit smaller than I expected it to be as I wanted it to be baggier because I love wearing t-shirts as dresses, but it's no biggie because it still fits.

I then chose to get another item of colour, and this time I actually brought a t-shirt dress rather than just a t-shirt. I brought this in a medium because I was worried it would have been too small if I didn't and I was wrong. This is just a little bit longer than I would've liked it but I still like it and now I could even dress it up with a belt if I wanted too.

I've been needing some new joggers for a million years so I decided to get this pair because I thought they were pretty snazzy. They're black with a mesh insert in the back, on my first impressions I thought I was going to hate these but they're actually growing on me. The ankle cuffs are very tight though so they're a struggle to get on at first!

This next thing is something I've been wanting for a long time now. It's a UNIF style checked skirt, I love checkboard pattern it's probably the only pattern I actually do like. I just think it has that perfect emo kinda vibe which literally screams at my inner emo self. I instantly looked at this and thought it was going to be too small, and I was right! Also, the zip was broke so when I tried to zip it up it reopened and got jammed halfway and I was stuck in it for like 15 minutes! I think I'm going to have to actually splash the cash on a real one at this rate.

I then found this off shoulder cropped black top which I love! I have another one of these in grey but it's super small on me and wearing grey in sweaty 35+ degree heat is pretty huns. The material on this isn't that great and there were threads hanging off of it but I'm genuinely never too fussed about the crappy material so long as it looks good!

This next t-shirt also isn't my usual style, it's got very tomboy-esque vibes to it and I kinda dig it. I didn't know how this would turn out on me but I think it looks pretty good I can't even lie. This was also the most expensive thing that I bought in this haul and the quality of it is so good.

Last but not least, this wasn't mine to start off with Kurt bought this for himself but it's too small for him which makes it perfect for me! I've actually cut it into a crop now because I just think it looks a hell of a lot cuter than it did to start off with and the fact it says 'breakout' on the front just reminds me of Foo Fighters which makes me enjoy it even more. It's also super hot here so baggier crops are needed!

I also bought a denim jacket, a pink striped t-shirt and a pineapple bag but I lost the images of them, so you can see them and my full thoughts and review in my video below!

The grand total of this entire haul was £49.23, which is so cheap considering I liked almost every single thing I bought! My favourite items have to be the denim jacket and the 2 yellow t-shirts, I don't know what it is about yellow at the moment but I tell you it's the new red in my eyes!

Anyway don't forget to check out my video before you leave and I hope you all have a fabulous evening!

Court x

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